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  • A State / Govt. University in British Columbia – Canada
  • Five campuses in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope and Agassiz
  • September +January +May Session

 Entry Requirements for Bachelor Degrees:

  • Minimum 65%-70% overall in 14 year education or minimum 65% in 12 year of education or minimum 3 subjects
  • in A-Levels with 5 Subjects including Math & English at minimum grade C in O-Level
  • IELTS  6.5 overall with no component less than 6.0.

Entry Requirements for Master Degree

Entry Requirements for Master Degrees:

  • Minimum 65%-70% Marks in four years relevant degree (overal16 years education)
  • IELTS 6.5 overall with no component less than 6.0

University Foundation Program (if student have low grads in Intermediate / A- Level)

Bachelor Degree (Most of the program have Co-Op Option)

Annual tuition fee CAN$ 17110/-

Visual Arts — Bachelor of Fine Arts

Trades Management — Bachelor of Business Administration degree

Theatre — Bachelor of Fine Arts

Theatre — Bachelor of Arts

Sociology — Bachelor of Arts

Social Work — bachelor's degree

Science — Bachelor of Science

Psychology — Bachelor of Arts

Political Science — Bachelor of Arts

Physics — Bachelor of Science

Physical Geography — Bachelor of Science

Philosophy — Bachelor of Arts

Peace and Conflict Studies — Bachelor of Arts

Nursing — Bachelor of Science

Media Arts — bachelor's degree

Media and Communication — Bachelor of Arts

Media and Communication Studies — Bachelor of Fine Arts

Mathematics & Statistics — Bachelor of Science

Latin American Studies — Bachelor of Arts

Kinesiology — bachelor's degree

Indigenous Studies — Bachelor of Arts

History — Bachelor of Arts

Graphic and Digital Design — Bachelor of Fine Arts

Global Development Studies — Bachelor of Arts

Geography — Bachelor of Arts

General Studies, Aviation theme — bachelor's degree

General Studies — bachelor's degree

French — Bachelor of Arts

Fine Arts — Bachelor of Fine Arts

English — Bachelor of Arts

Education — bachelor's degree

Economics — Bachelor of Arts

Criminal Justice — Bachelor of Arts

Creative Writing — Bachelor of Fine Arts

Computing Science — Bachelor of Science

Computer Information Systems — bachelor's degree

Communications — Bachelor of Arts

Child and Youth Care — Bachelor of Arts

Chemistry — Bachelor of Science

Business Administration — bachelor's degree

Biology — Bachelor of Science

Aviation — Bachelor of Business Administration degree

Arts — Bachelor of Arts

Art History — Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts

Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy — Bachelor of Arts

Anthropology — Bachelor of Arts

Agriculture Management — Bachelor of Business Administration degree

Agricultural Science, Horticulture major — bachelor's degree

Adult Education — bachelor's degree

       Master Degree :  (Annual Tuition fee CAN$25000)

Social Work — Master of Social Work

Educational Leadership and Mentorship — Master of Education

Criminal Justice — Master of Arts

 Graduate certificates

  • Program Evaluation                        • Teacher Leadership and Mentorship


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September +January +May Session

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